Smudge Spray

Burdock Nettle

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Unveil the magic of smudging minus the smoke! Introducing our Smudge spray, your ticket to purifying spaces where sage burning isn't an option. From offices to homes, hospitals, and beyond, this spray is your secret weapon for a purified environment.

Harnessing the intense purity of Concentrated Sage Extract and the soothing vibes of Wild Rose Tincture, this spray is your go-to for balancing energies.

Infused with the essence of Essential Oil of Sage and distilled water, our formula is crafted to infuse tranquility and clarity into your surroundings.

In a 240ml bottle that ships with a weight of 390ml, this transformative spray is poised to bring the cleansing power of sage and the harmonizing touch of rose to your space. Redefine your ambiance and embrace the serene, revitalizing aura with our Smudge spray!