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Mosquito Spray

Burdock Nettle

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Transform your outdoor escapades into mosquito-free adventures with the remarkable prowess of catnip! Backed by science, it's a whopping 10 times more effective than Deet in shooing away those pesky mosquitoes. And yes, it's safe for adults, children, babies, and even your furry pals!

Say hello to carefree summer afternoons and evenings outdoors, all thanks to our chemical-free formula!

Picture this: an infusion of Catnip and Lemongrass herbs, blended with Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel, and topped off with the zesty Essential Oil of Lemongrass. It's a superhero squad against mosquitoes, straight from nature's arsenal.

This game-changing elixir weighs 240ml but arrives with a shipping weight of 390ml, ready to be your partner in conquering mosquito mayhem. Embrace the outdoors without the buzz and bite – it's time to savor every moment!

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  • 5
    Mosquito Spray

    Posted by B on 2020 Nov 16th

    Mosquito Spray: IT REALLY WORKS!!!!!

  • 5
    Mosquito Spray

    Posted by Aug on 2019 Dec 11th

    I take my children hiking all the time around the trails. I love using your Tick and Mosquito sprays. I use them on myself, the children and the dogs

  • 5
    Mosquito Spray

    Posted by PF on 2019 Dec 11th

    These sprays are amazing and safe for my children and whole family including the pets.