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Great news for your wallet. 

As of 1 January 2024, we will no longer be charging HST!!!

If you wish to pay by cash or etransfer

(and avoid the new credit card service charge )

please email your order to


What are Emotion Botanics?

What are Emotion Botanics?

Posted by Linda Davis on 2020 Aug 25th

What are Emotion Botanics or a more commonly known name is Plant Vibration Remedies?Emotion Botanics are "extracts" made from flowers and plants. They are considered a Plant Vibrati … read more


Posted by Francesco Petrache (St Lawrence College Marketing Student) on 2020 May 6th

 Ah, sweet summertime. A period of joy I peace, hot days at the beach and leisure. If only it were so simple, so easy. But alas, even going outside and enjoying yourself can be a challenge when … read more
They are such a pest

They are such a pest

Posted by Linda Davis on 2020 Mar 22nd

On a day, snow blanketed the land, but the very next day, Tick Season sprung upon us! Can you believe it? I was so caught up relishing the newfound warmth that I forgot about safeguarding my furry f … read more