My thoughts on the Covid 19 Virus and introducing the Herbal Pay by donation campaign

My thoughts on the Covid 19 Virus and introducing the Herbal Pay by donation campaign

Posted by Linda Davis on 2020 Apr 5th

Covid 19 affects us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  

Physically this virus has targeted the Lungs, the Heart, Digestive System (spleen, stomach, pancreas), Kidneys and Liver with many repercussions to other parts of the body.

Mentally we are affected by the stress of not knowing, the stress of staying isolated, at home, alone perhaps, exhaustion

Emotionally we are affected many ways: Fear, Grief, Loneliness, Anger, Despair, Joy of getting a much needed rest

Spiritually you may be questioning your faith, seeing humankind in different ways, wondering what you need to do to survive this pandemic

According the Traditional Chinese Methods there is an emotion associated to each organ of the body.

Liver - anger    Lungs - Grief/Depression   Kidneys - Fear, 

Heart - Joy/Depression/Impatience         Digestive System - Worry/Anxiety/Mistrust

Any strong emotion will affect the immune system.  Negative emotions weakens, positive emotions strengthen.

It is important to build up your immune system and resistance to by decreasing the negativity of your thoughts, your environment, who you associate with.  Only you can begin to do this.

Herbally I can help. For an undetermined period of time Burdock Nettle will offer, to people within a 50 mile radius of Mallorytown, certain products so you can start getting your Body Mind and Spirit back on track.  The cost of these products will be by your donation, whatever you can afford.   They are as follows:

Hand blended HerbalTeas: 

Allergy Blend- cos it is that time of year

Sinus - to clear mucus 

Mullein - to strengthen lungs

Dandelion & Burdock Blend - to help liver, kidneys, stomach

Hibiscus Tea - high in Vitamin C

Pain Salve - for joints, muscle and much more

Please feel free to contact me to order.  Stay safe and live consciously.