Posted by Francesco Petrache (St Lawrence College Marketing Student) on 2020 May 6th

 Ah, sweet summertime. A period of joy I peace, hot days at the beach and leisure. If only it were so simple, so easy. But alas, even going outside and enjoying yourself can be a challenge when surrounded by what can only be described as the bug apocalypse. Or as we like to call it, the bug-pocalypse.

Now, picture this: you’re just taking a hike on a gorgeous sunny afternoon. The temperature is nice, the nature is breathtaking, and you couldn’t be any happier. But just as you’re about to turn back you witness it. Something so dark, so terrifying, so abhorrent it shakes your very soul with dread and despair. You try to run, but you can’t hide. It's already too late, for they have come.


                                 The BUGS!!                    

As I suspected, this anecdote must have churned the depths of your mind with forbidden, horrific, insect ridden terror and unspeakable anguish. 

To make matters worse, a large chunk of readily available, industrially crafted insect repellents are chock full, of harmful chemicals and pesticides. 

Oh sure, maybe these sprays won't affect an adult in the immediate present. But the problem is that many of us have families, children or even pets that we take care of and these chemicals can negatively impact their health. Did you know that the skin is our bodies biggest organ and what we spray on our skin affects our whole body inside and out?

When dealing with these kinds of situations, it's important to consider safer alternatives. We (at Burdock Nettle) offer a wealth of bug sprays and natural products made with wild-foraged plants and organically grown herbs. 

These products are safe for your kids, and your pets will be all the happier for this extra precaution.

             handcrafted                                               chemical free