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Snout & Wrinkles

Burdock Nettle

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Introducing "Snout & Wrinkles," a restorative salve crafted specifically for our furry friends with adorable, yet sometimes troublesome, facial wrinkles. Dogs with excess facial folds might experience discomfort, as these wrinkles can trap moisture, leading to itching and potential irritation.

Our healing salve steps in as a rescue remedy, addressing inflammation and providing soothing antiseptic relief. It's designed to combat irritated skin, reducing redness, bumps, or any signs of inflammation caused by trapped dirt or food particles in those charming wrinkles.

This potent blend is a fusion of nature's bounty—Wild foraged jewelweed, yarrow, comfrey, plantain, horsetail, and calendula infused in olive oil with flower essences, joined by vitamin E, coconut oil, and unprocessed beeswax. And yes, it proudly boasts being CHEMICAL FREE, harnessing the pure power of natural ingredients.

Our Snout & Wrinkles salve is more than a remedy; it's a soothing balm crafted to provide relief and comfort. Its carefully selected components work synergistically to ease discomfort and promote a healthier, happier snout.