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Scar Salve

Burdock Nettle

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Introducing our Scar Salve—your ultimate sidekick in the journey of skin recovery! This magical potion is here to support and heal broken skin, serving as the ideal aid for wounds once they've closed up.

Crafted from a synergistic blend of wild foraged plantain, horsetail, and calendula, infused in cold-pressed virgin olive oil, and sealed with unprocessed beeswax, this blend is a symphony of natural healing.

Completely committed to purity, our formula boasts a chemical-free recipe, ensuring the most natural and wholesome care for your skin.

Packaged in a 60gm jar, shipping at 190gm, this Scar Salve is your ticket to skin rejuvenation, bidding farewell to scars and embracing the healing touch of nature!