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Pet Collar Jewelry

Burdock Nettle

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Introducing a dazzling, handcrafted jewelry piece designed exclusively for your cherished pet! This exquisite accessory is not just a sight to behold but also a functional tool in your pet's well-being arsenal. Featuring lava stone, it doubles as a carrier for an essential oil blend meticulously crafted to repel both fleas and ticks, ensuring your pet stays comfortable and protected.

A unique collar jewelry piece, a glass vial brimming with therapeutic-grade essential oils tailored to combat fleas and ticks, and a detailed set of user-friendly instructions.

Your furry companion is in for a treat! With this sophisticated piece and the specially concocted essential oil blend, your pet is equipped to fend off unwanted pests, from pesky fleas to stubborn ticks. Get ready for a grateful tail wag from your four-legged friend!

Despite its delicate appearance, this product exudes strength in functionality, reflected in its shipping weight of 180gm, showcasing the dedication and protection it offers for your pet's comfort and happiness. Treat your pet to this fashionable accessory, and witness them strut in style while staying shielded from bothersome pests!