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Jewelweed Trio

Burdock Nettle

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Are you a forest explorer or wilderness wanderer? Our Duo set, featuring the dynamic trio of Jewelweed Salve, Jewelweed Lotion and Spritzer, is your ultimate sidekick! Whether you're gearing up for a bug-free adventure or seeking instant relief, this set has your back. Jewelweed, the superhero against poison ivy, poison sumac, and poison oak, is your nature's shield against the itch!

The Spritzer, a generous 240ml bottle, the Salve, weighing in at 60 grams and the Lotion, pack a punch together, shipping at a total weight of 1.5 lb. Let the magical touch of Jewelweed rescue you from any itch, ensuring your woodland escapades are itch-free and filled with pure enjoyment!

Discover nature's ultimate antidote for poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac, as well as a fantastic solution for hives and bites!

Crafted from the healing powers of Jewelweed, these formulas are your all-natural remedy against skin irritations.