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Choose four (4) Emotional Botanics to complete your boxed set.  Handcrafted by Burdock Nettle

Emotion Botanics are "extracts" made from flowers and plants. They are considered a Plant Vibration Remedy for both humans and animals.  

Emotion Botanics gently restore the balance between mind and body by getting rid of negative emotions (such as, fear, worry, anxiety) which interfere with the equilibrium of the being as a whole.

As the mind is balanced and relaxed, the body usually becomes stronger and has greater ability to heal itself.

Anemone  To help you work through panic and anxiety attacks. Scared of unknown, heaviness, pending doom, unfounded emotions. Wanting to cry but unable to. 

Bloodroot   To help with the emotion of drained life force, this extract helps build vitality and good mental and emotional health, to help you flow easily in life.

Dandelion To help you work through the emotions associated with anger, jealousy and resentment

Mini Purple Iris  To help you with communication, both Internal with self and External with others. To raise vibration and spirit.

Spring Crocus  Standing alone, breaking new ground. Feeling alone but in reality there is support all around.  To help you stand tall and strong

Mullein Leaf  This leaf essence is to help you be gentle and kind to yourself and others and be resilient, adaptable, soft and bending to the elements regardless of circumstance

Violet To help you with the emotions associated with grief or mental chaos.  Emotional Strength

Young Red Sumac  To help with emotions associated with endurance, beginning new projects, breaking out of a pattern to start anew and to help you learn who you are


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