I have a confession

I have a confession

Posted by Linda Davis on 2020 Mar 22nd

Sooo..... one day there was 2 feet of snow and the next day was Tick Season....geeze!!!.  I knew that ticks were going to start soon as the weather got nice and warmish but for some reason I was more excited to lap up the sun that to think of protecting my dog and I from ticks.

Well the other day I was patting her and felt ....yep... THAT bump and thought omg THEY are back already!!.  Now where I have the privilege of living is absolutely beautiful but also one of the worse place in Ontario for a high tick count.

So Bella was off to the groomers for her first summer clip and  I thought I would check her over before taking her.   5 ticks im-bedded and 3 crawling.   Damn things!!!.  The Groomer found 15 more ticks, some imbedded and some crawling.   I was pretty upset at my thoughtlessness!!

Well for some reason it didn't dawn on me before to spray her when she went outside.  So I have now made up a huge bottle of Tick Spray and both the dog and I get sprayed every time we go out.  Bella chooses to spend the day outside during the summer except when she comes in and out for a treat.   I am VERY pleased to tell you that since spraying I have not seen any more ticks on her and TRUST ME she gets a going over before she is allowed in the house.

Just saying!!!