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Not everybody reacts to the same thing in the same way. Have you ever wondered why?

This workshop explores the Energetics of People, Pets, Herbs and Food. Each one of us, each animal, each herb etc have different energetics. You will learn your personal energetics.

We will look at damp vs dry, hot vs cold energetics and much more. We will look at the signature of herbs, how their shape and colour relate to the human body.

When you understand energetics you are then able to apply that knowledge to yourself, family, pets, farm animals so that you have a better understanding of what makes them act a certain way and learn some tools on how to compliment these actions.

Please wear clothes and shoes for light walking around country property and bring a jacket, notebook and pen

This is a fun, unique experience  and I am sure you will enjoy your learning.  
Our property is scent and chemical free.  Bug Sprays and Sunscreen is available for your use

Workshop is 2 hours and held 1-3pm Sundays in August and September.  Due to COVID 19 Restrictions all necessary precautions will be taken.  Please provide your own masks. Maximum group number is 10 and minimum is 6.  By arrangement it is possible to book a group booking on a different day.  Bookings are essential and payment can be made by etransfer   $55+hst

Afterwards there is lots to see and do in and around the Canadian 1000 Islands.